DNS Services bill is a Scam

Written Tuesday, 18 December 2012. Posted in News

If you read the highlighted section it explains that they are just soliciting you for business by trying to scam you into thinking you owe a bill.

I suggest you simply throw the bill away, do not try to contact them as that will confirm the contact information they have for you is good and could lead to further spam or misleading mail.

Cloud Hosting vs. Traditional Hosting

Written Tuesday, 03 January 2012. Posted in News

With shared hosting, you're also paying for a set amount of storage and processing power. If you have a predictable flow of traffic, this may be a good solution for you. But if your traffic is increasing rapidly, or if you see sudden spikes in traffic due to a new product or feature, you may be constrained the amount of storage you currently have.

Facebook's Timeline has been launched!

Written Thursday, 15 December 2011. Posted in Social Media

Since the potential for revealing too much is high, Facebook has built in some extra controls around Timeline. The system will default to a seven day review period initially, giving users time to check everything that appears on their timeline before anyone else can see it. A “View As” button allows the layout to be checked from the perspective of different friends groups and non-friends, so you can ensure those slightly risque photos of you and the office photocopier are saved only for loved-ones.

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