We’ll Move Your Website

The first step in the process is for us to move your website from your old hosting provider to our cloud hosting environment. This is something we’ll do for you as part of our plan (no extra charges). All you have to do is give us the hosting access so that we can take a backup of your website.


How We Handle Updates

Depending on your plan will determine how we handle making updates to your site. The Entry plan allows for quarterly updates and the Advanced plan allows for monthly updates. We’ll give you a 1 week window to provide your content updates, we’ll have them done in a 1-3 business day window. The Unlimited plan allows you to have on-demand updates made on your website. We’ll handle those requests in 1-2 days.


Helpdesk Tickets

When it’s time to make updates to the website all you’ll need to do is fill out a helpdesk ticket. You provide the information, files and instructions on what you want updated, we take care of the rest! You’ll have a request ticket to follow the progress and communicate directly with us to make sure everything is done perfect.


Review Our Work

Once we’ve made the updates and you’ve been notified via the ticket, you will have a chance to review and provide feedback for tweaks to the updates. We want your website to look the best it can and for you to be happy with the work we are doing, so your feedback is always important!


We're really good at this, let us take care of your website updates for you!